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    PDB 158d-1ajq
    PDB 1ak9-1ayk
    PDB 1ayo-1bg7
    PDB 1bg9-1byh
    PDB 1byn-1c8q
    PDB 1c8t-1cq1
    PDB 1cq9-1daq
    PDB 1dav-1dva
    PDB 1dvi-1el1
    PDB 1ela-1f4n
    PDB 1f4o-1fkq
    PDB 1fkv-1fzd
    PDB 1fze-1g9i
    PDB 1g9j-1gr3
    PDB 1gsl-1h5h
    PDB 1h5i-1hn4
    PDB 1hny-1i9z
    PDB 1ia6-1iyi
    PDB 1iz7-1jc2
    PDB 1jc9-1jui
    PDB 1jv2-1kck
    PDB 1kcl-1kvx
    PDB 1kvy-1led
    PDB 1lem-1lqd
    PDB 1lqe-1may
    PDB 1mbq-1mxe
    PDB 1mxg-1nfy
    PDB 1ng0-1nwg
    PDB 1nwk-1o3g
    PDB 1o3h-1om7
    PDB 1om8-1p7v
    PDB 1p7w-1pva
    PDB 1pvb-1qdo
    PDB 1qdt-1qq9
    PDB 1qqj-1rin
    PDB 1rio-1s10
    PDB 1s18-1scv
    PDB 1sdd-1su4
    PDB 1sub-1tf4
    PDB 1tf8-1top
    PDB 1tpa-1ujb
    PDB 1ujc-1uyy
    PDB 1uyz-1v73
    PDB 1v7v-1w2k
    PDB 1w2m-1wua
    PDB 1wun-1xkv
    PDB 1xmf-1y3x
    PDB 1y3y-1yqr
    PDB 1yr5-1zde
    PDB 1zdp-2a3x
    PDB 2a3y-2arb
    PDB 2are-2bd2
    PDB 2bd3-2bu4
    PDB 2bue-2c6g
    PDB 2c6p-2cy6
    PDB 2cyf-2dso
    PDB 2dtw-2eab
    PDB 2eac-2fe1
    PDB 2ff1-2fwn
    PDB 2fws-2gjp
    PDB 2gjr-2hd9
    PDB 2hes-2i6o
    PDB 2i7a-2ivz
    PDB 2iwa-2j7g
    PDB 2j7h-2jke
    PDB 2jkh-2kuh
    PDB 2kxv-2o1k
    PDB 2o39-2ovz
    PDB 2ow0-2pf2
    PDB 2pfj-2pyz
    PDB 2pz0-2qu1
    PDB 2qua-2re1
    PDB 2rex-2tmv
    PDB 2tn4-2vcb
    PDB 2vcc-2vqy
    PDB 2vr0-2w3i
    PDB 2w3j-2wlj
    PDB 2wm4-2wzs
    PDB 2x0g-2xmr
    PDB 2xn5-2z2z
    PDB 2z30-2zn9
    PDB 2zni-3a51
    PDB 3a5l-3ahw
    PDB 3ai7-3bcf
    PDB 3bdc-3bx1
    PDB 3bxi-3ch2
    PDB 3chj-3d34
    PDB 3d3i-3djl
    PDB 3dng-3e4q
    PDB 3e5s-3eqf
    PDB 3eqg-3faq
    PDB 3faw-3fou
    PDB 3foz-3gci
    PDB 3gcj-3gwz
    PDB 3gxo-3hjr
    PDB 3hkr-3i4i
    PDB 3i4p-3io6
    PDB 3ior-3k5m
    PDB 3k5s-3kqa
    PDB 3kqf-3lei
    PDB 3lek-3lum
    PDB 3lun-3mip
    PDB 3mis-3n7b
    PDB 3n7x-3nvn
    PDB 3nx7-3owf
    PDB 3ox5-3prq
    PDB 3prr-3sg5
    PDB 3sg6-3u39
    PDB 3u43-3vpp
    PDB 3zqx-4awy
    PDB 4awz-4dtu
    PDB 4dtx-4eoa
    PDB 4epz-5apr
    PDB 5bca-8tln
    PDB 966c-9rnt

Calcium in PDB, part 66 (3251-3300), PDB files 2jkh - 2kuh

Experimental structures of coordination spheres of Calcium (Ca) in bioorganic molecules from X-Ray and NMR experiments. Coordination spheres were calculated with 5.0 Angstroms radius around Calcium atoms.
PDB files 3251-3300 (2jkh - 2kuh):
  1. 2jkh - Factor Xa - Cation Inhibitor Complex
  2. 2jkp - Structure of A Family 97 Alpha-Glucosidase From Bacteroides Thetaiotaomicron in Complex With Castanospermine
  3. 2jkx - Galactose Oxidase. Matgo. Copper Free, Expressed in Pichia Pastoris.
  4. 2jll - Crystal Structure of NCAM2 Igiv-FN3II
  5. 2jm4 - The Solution uc(Nmr) Structure of the Relaxin (RXFP1) Receptor Ldla Module.
  6. 2jnp - Solution Structure Of Matrix Metalloproteinase 3 (Mmp-3) in the Presence of N-Isobutyl-N-[4- Methoxyphenylsulfonyl]Glycyl Hydroxamic Acid (Nngh)
  7. 2jnx - uc(Nmr) Derived Solution Structure of An Ef-Hand Calcium Binding Protein From Entamoeba Histolytica
  8. 2jq6 - Structure Of Eh-Domain of EHD1
  9. 2jsd - Solution Structure of MMP20 Complexed With Nngh
  10. 2jt5 - Solution Structure Of Matrix Metalloproteinase 3 (Mmp-3) in the Presence of N-Hydroxy-2-[N-(2-Hydroxyethyl)Biphenyl-4- Sulfonamide] Hydroxamic Acid (MLC88)
  11. 2jt6 - Solution Structure Of Matrix Metalloproteinase 3 (Mmp-3) in the Presence of 3-4'-Cyanobyphenyl-4-Yloxy)-N- Hdydroxypropionamide (Mmp-3 Inhibitor VII)
  12. 2ju0 - Structure of Yeast Frequenin Bound to Pdtins 4-Kinase
  13. 2jul - uc(Nmr) Structure of Dream
  14. 2jxc - Structure of the EPS15-EH2 STONIN2 Complex
  15. 2jxl - Solution Structure of Cardiac N-Domain Troponin C Mutant F77W-V82A
  16. 2jxy - Solution Structure Of the Hemopexin-Like Domain of MMP12
  17. 2jzi - Structure Of Calmodulin Complexed With the Calmodulin Binding Domain of Calcineurin
  18. 2k0e - A Coupled Equilibrium Shift Mechanism in Calmodulin- Mediated Signal Transduction
  19. 2k0f - Calmodulin Complexed With Calmodulin-Binding Peptide From Smooth Muscle Myosin Light Chain Kinase
  20. 2k0j - Solution Structure of Cam Complexed to DRP1P
  21. 2k1w - uc(Nmr) Solution Structure of M-Crystallin in Calcium Loaded Form(Holo).
  22. 2k2f - Solution Structure of CA2+-S100A1-RYRP12
  23. 2k2v - Anabaena Ccbp in the Calcium-Bound Form
  24. 2k3h - Structural Determinants For CA2+ and PIP2 Binding By the C2A Domain of Rabphilin-3A
  25. 2k60 - uc(Nmr) Structure of Calcium-Loaded STIM1 Ef-Sam
  26. 2k61 - Solution Structure of Cam Complexed to Dapk Peptide
  27. 2k7d - uc(Nmr) Structure of CA2+-Bound CABP1 C-Domain
  28. 2k7o - CA2+-S100B, Refined With Rdcs
  29. 2kay - Solution Structure and Dynamics of S100A5 in the CA2+ -Bound States
  30. 2kbm - Ca-S100A1 Interacting With TRTK12
  31. 2kdh - The Solution Structure of Human Cardiac Troponin C in Complex With the Green Tea Polyphenol; (-)- Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate
  32. 2kdu - Structural Basis of the MUNC13-1/CA2+-Calmodulin Interaction: A Novel 1-26 Calmodulin Binding Motif With A Bipartite Binding Mode
  33. 2kff - Structure Of the C-Terminal Domain of EHD1 With Fnyestnpftak
  34. 2kfg - Structure Of the C-Terminal Domain of EHD1 in Complex With Fnyestdpftak
  35. 2kfh - Structure Of the C-Terminal Domain of EHD1 With Fnyestgpftak
  36. 2kfx - Structure Of The N-Terminal Domain of Human Cardiac Troponin C Bound To Calcium Ion and to the Inhibitor W7
  37. 2kgb - uc(Nmr) Solution of The Regulatory Domain Cardiac F77W-Troponin C in Complex With the Cardiac Troponin I 144-163 Switch Peptide
  38. 2kid - Solution Structure of the S. Aureus Sortase A-Substrate Complex
  39. 2kmb - Complex Of 3'-Neuac-Lewis-X With A Selectin-Like Mutant of Mannose- Binding Protein A
  40. 2kn2 - Solution Structure Of The C-Terminal Domain Of Soybean Calmodulin Isoform 4 Fused With the Calmodulin-Binding Domain of NTMKP1
  41. 2kne - Calmodulin Wraps Around Its Binding Domain in the Plasma Membrane CA2+ Pump Anchored By A Novel 18-1 Motif
  42. 2knx - Solution Structure of Complement Repeat CR17 From Lrp-1
  43. 2kny - Fusion Construct of CR17 From Lrp-1 and Apoe Residues 130-149
  44. 2kpn - Solution uc(Nmr) Structure of A Bacterial Ig-Like (BIG_3) Domain From Bacillus Cereus. Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium Target BCR147A
  45. 2krd - Solution Structure Of The Regulatory Domain Of Human Cardiac Troponin C in Complex With the Switch Region of Cardiac Troponin I and W7
  46. 2kri - Structure Of A Complex Between Domain V of BETA2- Glycoprotein I and the Fourth Ligand-Binding Module From Ldlr Determined With Haddock
  47. 2ksp - Mechanism For the Selective Interaction of C-Terminal Eh-Domain Proteins With Specific Npf-Containing Partners
  48. 2ktg - Calmodulin Like Protein From Entamoeba Histolytica: Solution Structure and Calcium Binding Properties of A Partially Folded Protein
  49. 2kug - Halothane Binds to Druggable Sites in Calcium-Calmodulin: Solution Structure of Halothane-Cam N-Terminal Domain
  50. 2kuh - Halothane Binds to Druggable Sites in Calcium-Calmodulin: Solution Structure of Halothane-Cam C-Terminal Domain


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