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    PDB 158d-1ajq
    PDB 1ak9-1ayk
    PDB 1ayo-1bg7
    PDB 1bg9-1byh
    PDB 1byn-1c8q
    PDB 1c8t-1cq1
    PDB 1cq9-1daq
    PDB 1dav-1dva
    PDB 1dvi-1el1
    PDB 1ela-1f4n
    PDB 1f4o-1fkq
    PDB 1fkv-1fzd
    PDB 1fze-1g9i
    PDB 1g9j-1gr3
    PDB 1gsl-1h5h
    PDB 1h5i-1hn4
    PDB 1hny-1i9z
    PDB 1ia6-1iyi
    PDB 1iz7-1jc2
    PDB 1jc9-1jui
    PDB 1jv2-1kck
    PDB 1kcl-1kvx
    PDB 1kvy-1led
    PDB 1lem-1lqd
    PDB 1lqe-1may
    PDB 1mbq-1mxe
    PDB 1mxg-1nfy
    PDB 1ng0-1nwg
    PDB 1nwk-1o3g
    PDB 1o3h-1om7
    PDB 1om8-1p7v
    PDB 1p7w-1pva
    PDB 1pvb-1qdo
    PDB 1qdt-1qq9
    PDB 1qqj-1rin
    PDB 1rio-1s10
    PDB 1s18-1scv
    PDB 1sdd-1su4
    PDB 1sub-1tf4
    PDB 1tf8-1top
    PDB 1tpa-1ujb
    PDB 1ujc-1uyy
    PDB 1uyz-1v73
    PDB 1v7v-1w2k
    PDB 1w2m-1wua
    PDB 1wun-1xkv
    PDB 1xmf-1y3x
    PDB 1y3y-1yqr
    PDB 1yr5-1zde
    PDB 1zdp-2a3x
    PDB 2a3y-2arb
    PDB 2are-2bd2
    PDB 2bd3-2bu4
    PDB 2bue-2c6g
    PDB 2c6p-2cy6
    PDB 2cyf-2dso
    PDB 2dtw-2eab
    PDB 2eac-2fe1
    PDB 2ff1-2fwn
    PDB 2fws-2gjp
    PDB 2gjr-2hd9
    PDB 2hes-2i6o
    PDB 2i7a-2ivz
    PDB 2iwa-2j7g
    PDB 2j7h-2jke
    PDB 2jkh-2kuh
    PDB 2kxv-2o1k
    PDB 2o39-2ovz
    PDB 2ow0-2pf2
    PDB 2pfj-2pyz
    PDB 2pz0-2qu1
    PDB 2qua-2re1
    PDB 2rex-2tmv
    PDB 2tn4-2vcb
    PDB 2vcc-2vqy
    PDB 2vr0-2w3i
    PDB 2w3j-2wlj
    PDB 2wm4-2wzs
    PDB 2x0g-2xmr
    PDB 2xn5-2z2z
    PDB 2z30-2zn9
    PDB 2zni-3a51
    PDB 3a5l-3ahw
    PDB 3ai7-3bcf
    PDB 3bdc-3bx1
    PDB 3bxi-3ch2
    PDB 3chj-3d34
    PDB 3d3i-3djl
    PDB 3dng-3e4q
    PDB 3e5s-3eqf
    PDB 3eqg-3faq
    PDB 3faw-3fou
    PDB 3foz-3gci
    PDB 3gcj-3gwz
    PDB 3gxo-3hjr
    PDB 3hkr-3i4i
    PDB 3i4p-3io6
    PDB 3ior-3k5m
    PDB 3k5s-3kqa
    PDB 3kqf-3lei
    PDB 3lek-3lum
    PDB 3lun-3mip
    PDB 3mis-3n7b
    PDB 3n7x-3nvn
    PDB 3nx7-3owf
    PDB 3ox5-3prq
    PDB 3prr-3sg5
    PDB 3sg6-3u39
    PDB 3u43-3vpp
    PDB 3zqx-4awy
    PDB 4awz-4dtu
    PDB 4dtx-4eoa
    PDB 4epz-5apr
    PDB 5bca-8tln
    PDB 966c-9rnt

Calcium in PDB, part 100 (4951-5000), PDB files 3kqf - 3lei

Experimental structures of coordination spheres of Calcium (Ca) in bioorganic molecules from X-Ray and NMR experiments. Coordination spheres were calculated with 5.0 Angstroms radius around Calcium atoms.
PDB files 4951-5000 (3kqf - 3lei):
  1. 3kqf - 1.8 Angstrom Resolution Crystal Structure of Enoyl-Coa Hydratase From Bacillus Anthracis.
  2. 3kqg - Trimeric Structure of Langerin
  3. 3kqr - The Structure of Serum Amyloid P Component Bound to Phosphoethanolamine
  4. 3krq - Crystal Structure Of the Complex of Lactoperoxidase With A Potent Inhibitor Amino-Triazole At 2.2A Resolution
  5. 3kry - Crystal Structure of Mmp-13 in Complex With Sc-78080
  6. 3kst - Crystal Structure of Endo-1,4-Beta-Xylanase (NP_811807.1) From Bacteroides Thetaiotaomicron Vpi-5482 At 1.70 A Resolution
  7. 3ktb - Crystal Structure of Arsenical Resistance Operon Trans-Acting Repressor From Bacteroides Vulgatus Atcc 8482
  8. 3ktu - Structure of Human 8-Oxoguanine Glycosylase 1 Bound to Fluorninated Oxog-Containing Dna
  9. 3kuc - Complex of RAP1A(E30D/K31E)Gdp With Rafrbd(A85K/N71R)
  10. 3kwu - MUNC13-1 C2B-Domain, Calcium Bound
  11. 3kwv - Structural Basis For the Unfolding of Anthrax Lethal Factor By Protective Antigen Oligomers
  12. 3kwx - Chemically Modified Taka Alpha-Amylase
  13. 3kxz - The Complex Crystal Structure of Lck With A Probe Molecule W259
  14. 3kzi - Crystal Structure Of Monomeric Form of Cyanobacterial Photosystem II
  15. 3kzp - Crystal Structure of Putative Diguanylate Cyclase/Phosphodiesterase From Listaria Monocytigenes
  16. 3l19 - Crystal Structure Of Calcium Binding Domain of CPCDPK3, CGD5_820
  17. 3l1k - Sad Structure Solution of Proteinase K Grown in Potassium Tellurate Solution
  18. 3l1t - E. Coli Nrfa Sulfite Ocmplex
  19. 3l1u - Crystal Structure of Calcium-Bound Gmhb From E. Coli.
  20. 3l1v - Crystal Structure of Gmhb From E. Coli in Complex With Calcium and Phosphate.
  21. 3l2l - X-Ray Crystallographic Analysis of Pig Pancreatic Alpha-Amylase With Limit Dextrin and Oligosaccharide
  22. 3l2m - X-Ray Crystallographic Analysis of Pig Pancreatic Alpha-Amylase With Alpha-Cyclodextrin
  23. 3l2n - Crystal Structure of Putative Carboxypeptidase A (YP_562911.1) From Shewanella Denitrificans Os-217 At 2.39 A Resolution
  24. 3l2y - The Structure of C-Reactive Protein Bound to Phosphoethanolamine
  25. 3l30 - Crystal Structure of Porcine Pancreatic Phospholipase A2 Complexed With Dihydroxyberberine
  26. 3l33 - Human Mesotrypsin Complexed With Amyloid Precursor Protein Inhibitor(Appi)
  27. 3l3t - Human Mesotrypsin Complexed With Amyloid Precursor Protein Inhibitor Variant (APPIR15K)
  28. 3l4m - Crystal Structure of the Maug/Pre-Methylamine Dehydrogenase Complex.
  29. 3l4o - Crystal Structure of the Maug/Pre-Methylamine Dehydrogenase Complex After Treatment With Hydrogen Peroxide
  30. 3l4p - Crystal Structure Of the Aldehyde Dehydrogenase (A.K.A. Aor Or Mop) of Desulfovibrio Gigas Covalently Bound to [ASO3]-
  31. 3l55 - Crystal Structure of A Putative Beta-1,4-Endoglucanase / Cellulase From Prevotella Bryantii
  32. 3l69 - Crystal Structure of Porcine Pancreatic Phospholipase A2 Complexed With Berberine
  33. 3l7f - Structure Of Il-13 Antibody H2L6, A Humanized Variant of C836
  34. 3l8y - Complex of Ras With Cyclen
  35. 3l8z - H-Ras Wildtype New Crystal Form
  36. 3l95 - Crystal Structure Of The Human NOTCH1 Negative Regulatory Region (Nrr) Bound to the Fab Fragment of An Antagonist Antibody
  37. 3l9i - Myosin VI Nucleotide-Free (MDINSERT2) L310G Mutant Crystal Structure
  38. 3la6 - Octameric Kinase Domain of the E. Coli Tyrosine Kinase Wzc With Bound Adp
  39. 3lag - The Crystal Structure of A Functionally Unknown Protein RPA4178 From Rhodopseudomonas Palustris CGA009
  40. 3lb6 - The Structure of Il-13 in Complex With Il-13RALPHA2
  41. 3lbh - Ras Soaked in Calcium Acetate
  42. 3lbi - Ras Soaked In Magnesium Acetate and Back Soaked in Calcium Acetate
  43. 3lbn - Ras Soaked in Magnesium Acetate
  44. 3lc3 - Benzothiophene Inhibitors of Factor Ixa
  45. 3lc5 - Selective Benzothiophine Inhibitors of Factor Ixa
  46. 3lcp - Crystal Structure Of the Carbohydrate Recognition Domain of LMAN1 in Complex With MCFD2
  47. 3ldy - An Extraordinary Mechanism of Dna Perturbation Exhibited By the Rare- Cutting Hnh Restriction Endonuclease Paci
  48. 3le0 - Lectin Domain of Lectinolysin Complexed With Glycerol
  49. 3leg - Lectin Domain of Lectinolysin Complexed With Lewis Y Antigen
  50. 3lei - Lectin Domain of Lectinolysin Complexed With Fucose


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