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    PDB 158d-1ajq
    PDB 1ak9-1ayk
    PDB 1ayo-1bg7
    PDB 1bg9-1byh
    PDB 1byn-1c8q
    PDB 1c8t-1cq1
    PDB 1cq9-1daq
    PDB 1dav-1dva
    PDB 1dvi-1el1
    PDB 1ela-1f4n
    PDB 1f4o-1fkq
    PDB 1fkv-1fzd
    PDB 1fze-1g9i
    PDB 1g9j-1gr3
    PDB 1gsl-1h5h
    PDB 1h5i-1hn4
    PDB 1hny-1i9z
    PDB 1ia6-1iyi
    PDB 1iz7-1jc2
    PDB 1jc9-1jui
    PDB 1jv2-1kck
    PDB 1kcl-1kvx
    PDB 1kvy-1led
    PDB 1lem-1lqd
    PDB 1lqe-1may
    PDB 1mbq-1mxe
    PDB 1mxg-1nfy
    PDB 1ng0-1nwg
    PDB 1nwk-1o3g
    PDB 1o3h-1om7
    PDB 1om8-1p7v
    PDB 1p7w-1pva
    PDB 1pvb-1qdo
    PDB 1qdt-1qq9
    PDB 1qqj-1rin
    PDB 1rio-1s10
    PDB 1s18-1scv
    PDB 1sdd-1su4
    PDB 1sub-1tf4
    PDB 1tf8-1top
    PDB 1tpa-1ujb
    PDB 1ujc-1uyy
    PDB 1uyz-1v73
    PDB 1v7v-1w2k
    PDB 1w2m-1wua
    PDB 1wun-1xkv
    PDB 1xmf-1y3x
    PDB 1y3y-1yqr
    PDB 1yr5-1zde
    PDB 1zdp-2a3x
    PDB 2a3y-2arb
    PDB 2are-2bd2
    PDB 2bd3-2bu4
    PDB 2bue-2c6g
    PDB 2c6p-2cy6
    PDB 2cyf-2dso
    PDB 2dtw-2eab
    PDB 2eac-2fe1
    PDB 2ff1-2fwn
    PDB 2fws-2gjp
    PDB 2gjr-2hd9
    PDB 2hes-2i6o
    PDB 2i7a-2ivz
    PDB 2iwa-2j7g
    PDB 2j7h-2jke
    PDB 2jkh-2kuh
    PDB 2kxv-2o1k
    PDB 2o39-2ovz
    PDB 2ow0-2pf2
    PDB 2pfj-2pyz
    PDB 2pz0-2qu1
    PDB 2qua-2re1
    PDB 2rex-2tmv
    PDB 2tn4-2vcb
    PDB 2vcc-2vqy
    PDB 2vr0-2w3i
    PDB 2w3j-2wlj
    PDB 2wm4-2wzs
    PDB 2x0g-2xmr
    PDB 2xn5-2z2z
    PDB 2z30-2zn9
    PDB 2zni-3a51
    PDB 3a5l-3ahw
    PDB 3ai7-3bcf
    PDB 3bdc-3bx1
    PDB 3bxi-3ch2
    PDB 3chj-3d34
    PDB 3d3i-3djl
    PDB 3dng-3e4q
    PDB 3e5s-3eqf
    PDB 3eqg-3faq
    PDB 3faw-3fou
    PDB 3foz-3gci
    PDB 3gcj-3gwz
    PDB 3gxo-3hjr
    PDB 3hkr-3i4i
    PDB 3i4p-3io6
    PDB 3ior-3k5m
    PDB 3k5s-3kqa
    PDB 3kqf-3lei
    PDB 3lek-3lum
    PDB 3lun-3mip
    PDB 3mis-3n7b
    PDB 3n7x-3nvn
    PDB 3nx7-3owf
    PDB 3ox5-3prq
    PDB 3prr-3sg5
    PDB 3sg6-3u39
    PDB 3u43-3vpp
    PDB 3zqx-4awy
    PDB 4awz-4dtu
    PDB 4dtx-4eoa
    PDB 4epz-5apr
    PDB 5bca-8tln
    PDB 966c-9rnt

Calcium in the structure of Alpha-Amylase From Alteromonas Haloplanctis (pdb 1b0i)

The binding sites of Calcium atom in the structure of Alpha-Amylase From Alteromonas Haloplanctis (pdb code 1b0i). This binding sites where shown with 5.0 Angstroms radius around Calcium atom.
The 1b0i structure was solved by N.AGHAJARI, R.HASER, with X-Ray Crystallography technique, brief refinement statistics is given in the table below:
Resolution (A)20.0-2.4
Space groupP212121
a (A)56.800
b (A)80.300
c (A)120.100
alpha (°)90.00
beta (°)90.00
gamma (°)90.00
Rfactor (%)18
Rfree (%)21.7

Calcium Binding Sites:

Calcium binding site 1 out of 1 in 1b0i

Calcium binding site 1 out of 1 in 1b0i
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stereopicture of Calcium binding site 1 out of 1 in 1b0i
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Mono- and Stereo- picture of 5.0 Angstrom coordination sphere 1 of Calcium in the PDB 1b0i. Coordination sphere was calculated for all residues within 5.0 Angstroms distance from the central Calcium atom, shown by VdW sphere
Residues shown as a stick model or VDW spheres: A: Asn88, A: His117, A: Gln135, A: Asn136, A: Cys137, A: Asp144, A: Leu145, A: Thr147, A: His178, A: Val179, A: Hoh1017, A: Hoh1091, A: Hoh1107, A: Hoh1108,

conact list:

AtomAtomDistance (A)
CaO A:Asn884.27
CaHD21 A:Asn883.87
CaCB A:Asn884.72
CaND2 A:Asn884.17
CaOD1 A:Asn882.41
CaCG A:Asn883.54
CaND1 A:His1174.45
CaCE1 A:His1174.52
CaHD1 A:His1173.81
CaO A:Gln1352.68
CaC A:Gln1353.62
CaCA A:Gln1354.29
CaN A:Asn1364.52
CaCA A:Asn1364.70
CaO A:Cys1374.73
CaCB A:Asp1444.30
CaOD2 A:Asp1442.48
CaOD1 A:Asp1442.46
CaCG A:Asp1442.81
CaCA A:Asp1444.97
CaO A:Leu1454.46
CaHG1 A:Thr1474.89
CaO A:His1782.46
CaCB A:His1784.28
CaC A:His1783.63
CaCA A:His1784.54
CaN A:Val1794.52
CaCG2 A:Val1794.41
CaCA A:Val1794.56
CaH2 A:Hoh10174.93
CaO A:Hoh10912.44
CaH1 A:Hoh10912.11
CaH2 A:Hoh10913.24
CaO A:Hoh11072.34
CaH1 A:Hoh11073.27
CaH2 A:Hoh11072.46
CaO A:Hoh11082.57
CaH1 A:Hoh11082.90
CaH2 A:Hoh11082.97

interactive model:

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